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Jennifer L. Thompson | Instructional Designer | Author 

Hi, I'm Jennifer, an instructional designer passionate about e-learning and performance improvement. I specialize in creating engaging and effective online courses catering to diverse learning needs, including blended and mobile learning. I focus on user experience design and adaptive learning, ensuring my lessons are tailored to the learner's needs and preferences.


With a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Web Design, I am a seasoned Instructional Designer based in the Washington, DC Metro area. My career, spanning over six years, is marked by a deep commitment to instructional design, underscored by a proven track record in this field. I possess a high level of proficiency in e-learning authoring tools and multimedia software, with specific expertise in Articulate instructional design software. My skills also extend to video animation, with a preference for Vyond or similar software.


My approach to instructional design is rooted in a strong understanding of adult learning theories and instructional design models, ensuring that my work is both pedagogically sound and practically relevant. I am recognized for my excellent communication and collaboration skills, which are essential in translating complex concepts into accessible learning materials.


Detail-oriented and adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously, I excel in fast-paced environments where precision and efficiency are paramount. My ability to blend creative design with effective educational strategies makes me a valuable asset in the field of instructional design.


Whether you're an individual looking to improve your skills or an organization looking to train and develop your employees, I am here to help. Everyone has the potential to learn and grow, and I am dedicated to helping people achieve their learning goals.


So why not join me on this journey of discovery, and let's take your learning to the next level!


You will find the latest information about my work product on this page.