Since November 2023, I have been at the helm of the Malware Course Development Team at JACOBS: DC3 CTA, directing a diverse group of professionals, including Graphic Designers, Technical Evaluators, Instructional Designers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Previously, I was a Senior Instructional Designer at UBER-GLOBAL L&D, US&C, from September to December 2023, where I employed Synthesia to craft custom sales training videos, markedly improving the instructional content's impact and appeal.


In 2023, I served as a Senior Instructional Designer at ALLY BANK, where I collaborated closely with colleagues, leaders, and business partners. Together, we successfully translated business needs into clear learning objectives and detailed project scopes. I also leveraged VYOND to create engaging 2D scenario animations, incorporated gamification techniques, and developed a bespoke SharePoint site to support new Bank Fraud training initiatives.


From May to December 2022, I contributed to AMAZON AWS/WWPS as a Project Program Manager. My responsibilities included designing distinctive visual styles and layouts that complemented educational content, guided by adult learning principles and advanced graphics software. Concurrently, I served as an Associate Manager of Field Learning at GAP INC., where I devised training materials to address performance deficits and client training requirements, and developed Web-Based Training (WBT)/Virtual Live Training (VLT) for employees across all GAP Inc. brands.


In early 2021, I was engaged as a Senior Instructional Designer at the American Red Cross, where I developed courses and materials for both technical and non-technical staff, ensuring the content was both engaging and comprehensible.

Prior to this, from December 2020 to March 2021, I functioned as the Cyber Security Training Manager at the Department of HHS. My role involved collaborating with SMEs to analyze learning needs, conceive educational strategies, develop content, and oversee the implementation and evaluation of training solutions, which included creating the new HHS CYBERCare Awareness Logo.


Throughout my career, I have consistently focused on harnessing my expertise to enrich learning experiences through cutting-edge design and technology, demonstrating a profound dedication to crafting effective and captivating instructional materials.


In summary, my career has been characterized by a consistent dedication to advancing the field of instructional design through innovative and effective methodologies. My experience across a range of prestigious organizations underscores my ability to adapt and excel within diverse environments, leveraging the latest technologies and educational theories to meet and exceed objectives. With a robust portfolio of projects that demonstrate significant improvements in learner engagement and performance, I am committed to continuing my pursuit of excellence in instructional design and contributing to the development of impactful learning experiences.